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Backend Engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Tuesday, January 10, 2023


As a foundational member of our engineering team, you'll do all backend work to help ship new features for our web app.

We have a frequent cadence of shipping new features and a close connection to our market. With 650k monthly active users spending hundreds of thousands of hours on the platform, each contribution and feature you ship will have a meaningful impact for the users.

Since we're a startup, you'll have to be willing to get your hands dirty with (and learn) lots of technologies across the backend stack: API design, data engineering, algorithms, startup engineering, analytics, monitoring, web crawling, etc. as well as the frontend stack (it's fine to not have any frontend experience starting out).


  • 3+ years of experience with backend engineering

  • Clean simple code, even when solving complex problems

  • Good systems design

  • Ability to learn new tech quickly

  • Enjoyable to work with


  • Python, PostgreSQL, FastAPI, Redis, TypeScript, React, Next.js, Tailwind, AWS, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Pinecone, GPT-4


  • Use an LLM to identify references to other sections in the text of the law

  • Improve and migrate our data model for the content we host

  • Retrieve semi-structured data from various online sources and automate the structuring of the data

  • Improve the evaluation framework for our search engine

Job Type: Full-Time

Location: 100% remote

US-based comp range*: $100k-$165k

Latin America-based comp range*: $75k-$125k (USD)

Canada-based comp range*: $90k-$150k (USD)

* Plus equity (cost of living agnostic)