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Growth Engineer

Polar Analytics

Polar Analytics

Sales & Business Development
Świnoujście, Poland · Remote
Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Polar Analytics is a Full-Stack Business Intelligence Solution for Consumer Brands. A powerful, yet simple solution for business users to get the insights they need to succeed and make the right decisions.

Our mission is to empower indie DTC brands worldwide to grow faster and more profitably!

What's Unique About Polar Analytics? 💎

  • Traction - We've grown to over 2,000 + active merchants as of June 2023, and we're on track to reach 5,000 this year.

  • Tech & Product - We leverage the latest advancements of the modern data stack and make it user-friendly to non-technical users.

  • Funding Strategy - We're backed by Point9, an exceptional B2B SaaS investor that's renowned for finding Unicorns at an early stage.

  • Team - We're a collective of experienced individuals from leading eCommerce SaaS platforms and are on a mission to become the next unicorn.

Growth @ Polar Analytics

Getting Stuff Done, Ownership, Excellence, and Agility.

At Polar, the Growth team has a lot of impact by ensuring that we build the best engine to allow the company to scale.

We're a tech-driven team, always experimenting with new no-code and codes. We're doing more with fewer people (we’ll be only 2 to start) by automating everything and monitoring each signals from our leads while maintaining a high level of quality. Our priority is to think scientifically, while also being creative, about how to help sales and Polar grow.

You should join us if you want to be part of this exciting adventure and help build the most innovative growth stack.

Why this role?

As a Growth Engineer, you will have a direct impact on Polar's growth. You will be

putting technology at the service of business growth by working with a large technical

stack to solve very real problems. You will:

  1. Build an exciting and innovative growth engine from scratch: You will have the opportunity to work with a large technical stack to solve real business problems and develop solutions that help the company grow. By building a robust and effective growth engine, you will help establish Polar as a leader in the eCommerce industry and drive the company's success.

  2. Be the first growth engineer and pillar of the future growth team: you will play a critical role in developing the team's strategy, processes, and tools, and you will work closely with other teams, such as marketing, sales, and product, to ensure that the growth engine aligns with the overall business objectives.

  3. Make a maximum impact on the entire company: by developing a robust and effective growth engine, you will attract more potential customers to the brand, increase brand awareness and loyalty, and drive conversions and revenue. Your work will also help establish Polar as a leader in the eCommerce industry, which will enhance its reputation and credibility.

What’s the scope?

  1. Building our engine and all the Growth tools from scratch: you will play a crucial role in developing Polar's growth engine and the suite of tools required to support it. You will work with a wide range of technologies, including web frameworks, databases, cloud infrastructure, and more. This will involve collaborating with other members of the engineering team, as well as stakeholders from marketing and sales, to ensure that the tools you build meet their needs and can be integrated seamlessly into the broader Polar tech stack.

  2. Make the important data accessible to the marketing and sales teams: one of the key functions of the growth engine will be to collect, process, and analyse data from a variety of sources in order to inform marketing and sales decisions. As the Growth Engineer, you will need to ensure that this data is easily accessible and understandable to the relevant teams. This may involve developing custom dashboards, visualisations, or other tools to help stakeholders interpret complex data sets.

  3. Be in charge of the Engineering roadmap of the Marketing Team: as the first growth engineer at Polar, you will have the opportunity to shape the future direction of the company's growth engine.

  4. Have an impact at each stage of the funnel: The growth engineer will be responsible for driving growth across the entire marketing and sales funnel, from lead generation to customer retention.

The job is made for you if...

  1. You have a strong interest in business and marketing issues

  2. Experience building complex Growth Stack from scratch

  3. You already work in a fast-growing environment

  4. Experience working with non-developers

  5. OK to have weeks that are different from each other

Our Hiring Process 📝

We follow a structured hiring process to ensure fairness and transparency. Our process may vary depending on the role, but this is what you can expect after you apply:

1. Recruiter Screen (30 mins): A call with our Head of Talent to talk through your current/past experience, your motivations and Tell you more about Polar Analytics.

2. Technical Fit (45 mins): Here, you'll meet either the Hiring Manager or a team member of a similar level to discuss your ways of working and understand your skillset and ability for the role.

3. Technical Deep Dive (1 hour): This interview usually consists of a practical element (case study, Presentation, Technical Problem Solving etc) designed to give you a broader understanding of how we drive impact at Polar. This will be with the hiring manager and one other team member.

4. Culture Interview (45 mins): A conversation with one of our Culture Champions. We assess your team fit based on our values (see below).

We value your time and effort in the application process, and we aim to provide feedback as quickly as possible.

Our Values 🌟

  • No Ego 🤝 - We're all about teamwork and valuing everyone's input.

  • Transparency 🪞 - Honesty, feedback, and open communication are cornerstones of our growth.

  • Growth Mindset 🚀 - We're always learning, improving, and striving for excellence.

  • Care for others 💜 - We're empathetic, customer-centric, and proactive in helping others.

  • Act Like the Owner 🔑 - We take responsibility and ownership to drive the success of our business.

  • Driven by Impact 🎯 - We focus on delivering value to our customers and stakeholders.

Company Perks & Benefits:

  • 🌎 Choice-first organisation with a culture built around impact rather than hours

  • 🏖 5 weeks of vacation

  • 💰 Competitive salary & equity (our compensation philosophy targets 60th - 80th percentile in the top 3 European tech markets)

  • 💻 Latest MacBook Pro or equivalent

  • 🏡 Remote Office Upgrade budget to spend in your first year to ensure you have the best environment possible to work in

  • 🩺 Complimentary private health insurance (we use Alan)

  • 😍 Every 6 months we organize a company-wide offsite to discuss where we're going and strengthen the social bonds