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Engineering Team Lead, Spaces Enabling Team (Remote in Spain)



Barcelona, Spain
Posted on Friday, June 7, 2024

Company Description

Welcome to the good side of tech 👋

You might have heard about us but with a different name: ZnanyLekarz. It all started 10 years ago when we asked ourselves: is anyone in healthcare thinking about patients? We jumped in and we empowered patients by giving them access to leave and read reviews about their visit. We then provided doctors with the technology to manage bookings easily and save time, so they could devote themselves to what they always wanted: treating patients. And today is the day in which we ask you: wanna join us in the next step of making the healthcare experience more human?

Docplanner at scale

We are leaders in 13 countries so far, and more than 90 million patients trust us every month. 250.000+ specialists believe in us and our product, and so do leading venture capital funds such as Point Nine Capital, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and One Peak Partners. And yet, employing over 2.500 people all over the globe, we managed to keep the startup-mindset we started with over 10 years ago.

How does Docplanner Tech fit here?

At Docplanner Tech we are a diverse group of over 400 people working in Engineering, Data, and Product teams. We are responsible for building the product for all locations. Many of us have been here for over 5 years, yet we still welcome each new person with great joy and excitement.

We could tell you about us, but we will let our reviews on Glassdoor speak for themselves. In case you’d like to see how it feels to be 100% yourself at work, here’s a video of us.

And why should you join us?

Because it feels good to tell your family and your friends how you made the world a little bit better. You go to bed knowing that what you do matters, and that your talents align with your beliefs.

We want to make the healthcare experience more human, and that starts with you being you. We believe that taking the diversity of human experience into account makes a better healthcare experience for all. We’re not just different: we embrace diversity. We will encourage you to come to work your whole self, and that includes not coming to the office at all if you prefer not to, as we're 100% remote friendly.

Job Description

Why join the team

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, would be to produce tools to help integrate various applications of our ecosystem together, in order to bring more value to our customers. You will lead a team of seasoned front-end engineers working on the latest technologies and leading the way in front-end engineering in the whole organisation.

Why this role

Every day is different: you'll be working with various teams, in an international setting. It's a fast-moving team, eager to learn and grow, with many opportunities for improvement in the ways of working as well as from a technical point of view. There is also a strong delivery aspect to this position, as you’ll be tasked with orchestrating releases with the various teams involved and stakeholders.

What do we expect from a Team Leader?

  • Developing mentees through mentoring and coaching, and getting the most out of your people

  • Maintaining an engaged and motivated team, with trust, mutual support and continuous improvement at the core of the working environment

  • Communicating effectively: forming good working relationships, managing conflict, getting your point across while encouraging healthy debates within the team

  • Achieving high productivity while respecting product requirements, shaping delivery plans and maturing processes over time

  • Managing issues with the user in mind, improving stability, and when incidents arise leading the recovery process

  • Leading the development of future-proof, secure, compliant, high-quality software

  • Owning the applications in the live environment with adequate monitoring, owning the documentation, and making sure the team releases little and often

  • Designing software that reduces complexity and cost, keeping aligned with strategy and business needs, and documenting decisions using ADRs and RFCs

  • Be a partner to the Product team, making joint decisions and getting buy-in from the team

  • Handle the orchestration of project tasks, ensuring each team member knows their role, deadlines are met, and standards are maintained.

  • Liaise between various teams to ensure the flow of information, reducing misunderstandings and maximising productivity.

  • Identify potential risks to a project's deadline or quality, instituting mitigation measures, and averting issues


What skills and experiences do we want you to have?

  • Experience with growing, coaching, mentoring, and providing feedback to team members

  • Experience leading a software development team

  • Experience leading the delivery of complex software projects

  • Previous experience as a full stack software developer, with a heavy focus on frontend

  • Experience with good coding practices and delivery processes

  • Ability to enforce quality standards for the software produced by the team

  • Having a problem-solving attitude

  • Understanding Business perspective

  • Strong communication skills

  • Having a very good command of English (both spoken and written)

Which skills are ‘bonus points’?

  • Ability to navigate through a variety of contexts on a daily basis

  • Experience with VueJS, micro-frontends, shadow DOM, web sockets