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Entrepreneur in Residence

Posted on Friday, February 23, 2024

🏆 What’s the opportunity?

This role is a fantastic opportunity to learn how businesses are built from the ground up and to make an impact on a fast-growing tech company. You'll drive your own projects across all areas of the business, which could range from marketing to product, including business development, project management and more. You’ll get ownership of your tasks from day one and will be considered a full member of the team.

The projects you’ll carry will depend on both the company needs and your strengths and interests and for that reason, we are looking for a strong generalist with an interest in gaining experience from a start-up like ours, no matter what the project or team.

Successful EiR will have the opportunity to join the team full-time after completing their internships.

🌍 You can work from (almost) anywhere in Europe and South Africa. We are a remote company, but regularly meet in person, too. As a German company originally, we can support with visa processes only in Germany.

🎬 A snapshot of what you could be doing here :

  • You will be working with the business to scope out a new product focus for

  • Owning and running cross-functional meetings (product, marketing, enterprise commercial)

  • Supporting market and target customer research for large enterprise customers

  • Building and maintaining pricing framework for enterprise products

  • Planning and creating (together with marketing and design) an enterprise product overview and detailed product materials

  • PLUS much more! We don't always know where our entrepreneurs will focus their time, it depends a lot on the priorities of the business for that quarter. But we do promise a lot of responsibility and a steep learning curve!

🙋🏽‍♀️ We are looking for someone who:

  • Has gained more than 1 year of experience in fast-paced and high-performance work environments such as VC-backed start-ups, consulting or investment banking.

  • Has recently completed an MBA or equivalent and is looking for some hands-on experience to support what you learnt.

  • Considers themselves a generalist and are open to working on a variety of cross-functional tasks

  • Takes the initiative and thrives working autonomously, with minimal supervision.

  • Is willing to roll up their sleeves and do what needs to be done.

  • Is a quick learner and has great analytical skills and a structured way of thinking.

  • Has great interpersonal skills and is not afraid to defend your opinions.

  • Embraces uncertainty and displays a high level of adaptability.

  • Is willing to learn and open to accepting feedback, generously giving their own in return.

🤩 We believe you’ll enjoy working here if:

  • You value building great relationships and trust with your team and managers.

  • You love experimenting with new ideas and get super excited when you find an opportunity for process improvement.

  • You see working remotely successfully as a pioneering challenge which is constantly evolving.

  • In everything you do, you take ownership and get a kick out of exceeding expectations.

  • When faced with the choice, you’d rather opt for the ambitious to ensure you grow, than take the easy option.

  • You see the value of giving and receiving feedback and incorporate this into everything you do. You are not afraid to voice your opinions and like using data to back them up.

Feel free to check out the profiles of some of our past EiR's on Linked In, to see what they are up to now! If you connect with them, don't forget to apply first through the official channels, as they are not always part of the interview process!

Check out Alex's journey here...

...Ricard is Head of Engagement…

...and Veit is now our VP of Airline Sales!

Our hiring process for this EiR program includes:

We may ask you to record a 5-minute video to help us when there is a high volume of applicants.

  • a 30-45 minute video call with someone from the People Team,

  • an interview with the CEO covering some cultural alignment questions.

  • then a 60 minute 'work sample' interview with a few members of the team covering a pre-prepared task.

  • a quick chat (approx 15-30 minutes) with the person likely to be your manager* once you join (*please note this may not be confirmed until nearer the time depending on your strengths, the business needs and priorities at that time.)

🤔 What is so exciting about working in the air cargo industry?

Imagine a world without a Skyscanner or Kayak when trying to book your next holiday. That is exactly where the air cargo industry finds itself today. With the backing of internationally prominent investors, we are shaping the future of how the air cargo industry will work by providing a tech solution for a currently very manual and time-intensive process for airlines and freight forwarders to book air cargo, an industry which is worth almost $123bn. Our solution allows users to transparently and efficiently search for and book air cargo within seconds! If you want to be part of a company pioneering the way in the future of air cargo, get in touch!

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